About Me

I'm a conservation biologist with a passion for terns and coastal birds. I have a strong interest in trophic ecology (feeding relationships), animal behaviour and research with a strong applied focus to biological conservation.

Over the past three years, I’ve studied the behaviour, natural history and feeding ecology of the Australian Fairy Tern with the overarching aim of informing policy and conservation efforts for this threatened (Vulnerable) species.

I first picked up a camera in 2018, and it's become an important tool in my research kit. Photography has provided an opportunity to learn about the intimate lives of Fairy Terns - their behaviour, how they move in the landscape and the prey they eat during the breeding season.

Environmental education plays an important role in fostering community stewardship. I aim to use the knowledge from my research along with my images to raise awareness of Fairy Terns and the other species I have the opportunity to capture whilst out in the field.

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In the Field