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About Me

I'm a conservation biologist with a passion for seabirds, particularly terns. I have a strong interest in trophic ecology (feeding relationships), animal behaviour and research with a strong applied focus on biological conservation and sustainable development.

I hold a PhD in Conservation Sciences, a Bachelor of Science majoring in Conservation and Wildlife Biology and Marine Science with First Class Honours, and a Minor in Fisheries Science. During my PhD, I investigated the movement, population structure, biology, behaviour, and ecology of the Australian Fairy Tern (hereafter Fairy Tern). This project allowed me to combine several interests, including marine ecology, seabirds, seabird-fish interactions, and applied research to inform policy and management of a Vulnerable species. I continue to work collaboratively with various stakeholders (e.g. local, state, and federal government, industry, non-government agencies, and community) to enhance conservation outcomes for Fairy Terns.

I first picked up a camera in 2018, and it's become an important tool in my research kit. Photography has provided an opportunity to learn about the intimate lives of Fairy Terns - their behaviour, how they move in the landscape and the prey they feed on during the breeding season.

Environmental education plays an important role in fostering community stewardship. I aim to use the knowledge from my research along with my images to raise awareness of Fairy Terns and the other species I have the opportunity to capture whilst out in the field.

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In the Field

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